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Season 2014…

Final UCI ranking Place Team
Europe Tour 857

Slovak team Dukla Trenčín Trek

Team Time Trial National Championships, SVK     14.09.2014

1. place in the team trial with Kováč, Broniš and Tybor. 51 km in 1:01:49 (49,49 km/h).


UCI 1.2     Puchar Ministra Obrany Narodowej, POL     23.08.2014

27. place of Matej in the bunch sprint. 3. place of the teammate Baška. Winner Dabkowski (ActiveJet).






Matej Jurčo (*8.8.1984) has turned 30 years this week.







UCI 2.2     17. 20.07.2014

Stage race in the region of Olomouc in Czech republic. 22 teams, 137 riders.


RESULTS 1. stage 2. stage 3. stage 4. stage General
Jurčo 14. (+1´39´´) 115. (+16´19´´) 83. (+38´35´´) 39. (+5´43´´) 65. (+1h02´20´´)
Winner Metec TKH Continental Mortensen (Cult Energy Vital Water) Hirt (Etixx) Lammertink (Cycling team Jo Piels) Mortensen (Cult Energy Vital)
Details Team Time Trial 2. place of the teammate Kováč Hilly stage   3. place of the teammate Kováč



HeaderUCI 2.2     02. 05.07.2014


4th stage

Image: The foiled attempt to win — the breakaway in the 4. stage with Kornel Sojka, Sergey Belykh and Blazej Janiaczyk.

RESULTS 1. stage 2. stage 3. stage 4. stage 5. stage General Mountains Points
Jurčo 26. (+0´´) 59. (+0´´) 74 (+0´´) 27. (+42´´) 86. (+12´34´´) 49. (+13´16´´) 2. 11.
Winner Dabkowski (ActiveJet Team) Gradek (BDC Marcpol) Stepniak (CCC Polsat) Zielinski (Mexller)) Morajko (CCC Polsat) Zielinski (Mexller) Belykh (Team 21) Ariesen (Metec TKH Continental)
Details Bunch Sprint Bunch Sprint Bunch Sprint Breakaway of Jurčo Bunch Sprint      

Slovakia LogoNational Championships of Slovakia     25. 29.06.2014

RESULTS Individual Time Trial Road Race
Jurčo 4. place (+4´50´´) 4. place (+2´50´´)
Champion Velits (BMC Racing), 40 km in 56´10´´ Sagan (Canondale Pro Cycling)

Download: ITT Results, Road Race Results, Photogallery

LogoUCI 2.2     Tour de Serbie, SRB     19. 21.06.2014

BEOGRAD. 75. anniversary of the race was influenced by the catastrophical floods few months ago. Originally the race of 6 stages was shorten to 3 stages. Despite these facts the race was exciting particularly in 2. stage when the cyclists came to the final climb after flat 190 km. Out of the blue 110-men peloton burst into tens of groups with the leading 7-men breakaway with the tight win for Kowalcyk (BDC Marcpol). We saw similar situation in 3. stage when the 25-men group fought for the win in the last kilometres of climb.

RESULTS 1. stage 2. stage 3. stage General
Jurčo 15. (+0s) 33. (+1:02)* 24. 15.*
Winner Bertazzo (MG Kvis Wilier) Kowalczyk (BDC Marcpol) Georgi Petrov Kowalczyk (BDC Marcpol)

*In addition to the 33. place Jurčo gained 3. place in one intermediate sprint in Novi Sad.

LogoUCI 2.2     Tour of Malopolska, POL    
12. 14.06.2014

STARY SACZ. The favourite, hilly race in the beautiful scenery of Malopolska in Poland finished today by crazy stage in hills because of foreigner Bolzan (Cycling Team Friuli) led the general classification by few seconds at the start. Trio Werda (Team Stolting), Bernas (BDC Marcpol) and Cieslik (Bauknecht Author) finished with 17 sec. advantage ahead of 50-men bunch with Jurčo at 21. place.

RESULTS 1. stage 2. stage 3. stage General
Jurčo 28. (+0s) 35. 21. 20. (+37s)*
Winner Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) Werda (Team Stolting) Werda (Team Stolting) Werda (Team Stolting)

*Last year Jurčo gained 11. place in general classification losing 4´06´´. This year of Tour of Malopolska was characteristic by the surprising bunch sprints despite the hilly stages. Werda is the first non-Polish winner of the Tour since 2004.

Tour de Slovaquie logoUCI 2.2          Tour de Slovaquie, SVK          03. — 07.06.2014

Slovak cycling fiesta. 900 km. 120 riders. 20 countries.



Team Dukla Trenčín Trek at the start of team time trial in Stropkov.

RESULTS TTT 1.stage   2.stage 3.stage 4.stage General
Matej Jurčo before start Race Jersey holders Kováč outsprinted all Finish in Levice Photo coming soon  
Jurčo 12. (+31s)


16. 46. 50.

36. (+1:03)

Winner Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam Polivoda (Kolls Cycling Team) Kováč (Dukla Trenčín Trek) Delle Stelle (MG Kvis Wilier) Kulyk (Kolls Cycling Team) POLIVODA (Kolls Cycling Team)

More details (Slovak language) >

Photos from: Cycling-Info

SchoolChildren´s Day          28.05.2014

PRIBYLINA. Matej Jurčo met children at Elementary school in the neighboring village during his preparation for Tour de Slovaquie stage race. Curious children had a chance to ask few questions and gain some autograms in their pupil´s book.



Czech Cup          Lipno nad Vltavou, CZE          24.05.2014

Main actors of the hilly race in the Czech-Austrian border were 7 men in a successful breakaway. 1. Dvorský, 2. Polnický (both Team Whirpool-Author), 3. Kováč (Dukla Trenčín Trek). Jurčo did not finish the race because of technical problems.

UCI 1.2         Visegrad Bicycle Race, POL/CZE/SVK/HUN          17.05.2014

Slovak report at http://www.jurcosport.com/news/cyklisticke-preteky-vysehrad-4-velka-cena-slovenska/